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Looking for Benchmark Data

Question asked by Harold Brunt on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by Harold Brunt
I participate in the benchmark discussions knowing that my Xeon based machine is considered over priced for the performance. I'm OK with that (that water is way past under the bridge, bottled, and sold back to me again). When I look at the SPEC benchmark spreadsheet generated by Mike Meusse the faster Core 2 Duo machines are OC'd, but then this is just one test.

I was looking for a summary spread sheet of the punch holder data for comparison and couldn't find a link. Is there one I can take a look at? Just trying to understand the whole picture. Is anyone aware of benchmark testing that has been done and published of multicore processors, SLI, messing with SpeedStep, etc and SolidWorks? Not that I'm in a hurry to spend more money, just to learn more about the subject before I do spend money in the future.