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Serial Numbers in Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by Joy Garon

I was wondering how i could generate this kind of serial numbers for parts in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM ?

Serial number is 10 Digits long... For Ex: 48 32 25 809 04.

The only running numbers in these 10 digits are this case.
It starts from 001 and till 999. Once it reaches 999 then 3rd & 4th Characters becomes 33. 5th & 6th Characters specifies the Part Family (ex: bush, Shaft etc.,)

I could able to generate a flat file list using excel and created a new list.
But the problem is it shows the whole list of numbers from 001 thru 999 and users are not forced to use a new serial number.

In serial numbers i could get achieve this, but the problem i need to create many serial numbers based on the family Part. But how do i control the serial number based on the Part type.

Your help would be highly apprieciated.

Many thanks...