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importing files with custom properties.

Question asked by 1-521APD on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2008 by 1-521APD
When you import a file from a different cad package, there are no custom
properties assign to the file.
The problem with this is that when you place the file in the vault it
will automatically assign an auto number
because the custom property "part number" is not in the file.
Yes we can go in and add the properties but it will take time before
adding to the vault. (20 total custom properties) I do have a program that will populate the properties,
(propagator) not all users have access to this file andI can not keep track on who imports what.

What I did try, in tools>options> default templates you can turn on to
ask for a template to use. I can select that template
"without a auto part number" all the custom properties are there but it
is a empty part. (no imported geometry)
I also created a "starter file" outside the vault and added it as a
template location. This does not work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?