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sharing assemblies with other users

Question asked by 1-521APD on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by 1-521APD
I need some input regarding sharing assemblies.

We are working on assemblies between the three sites (main server and 2 replicating servers)
SW2008 sp3.1 PDMWE

There are several people working on different sections of the machine.
The file size of the assembly is about 50m. When a user needs to load an assembly to work on he will suppress/hide parts that does not pertain to what he is working on.
Then when the other user loads the assembly he has to go in and un-suppress/show the components.
I did read swgeek's blog about quick view /selective open and the extra select options, this helps a lot.

But, is there a preferred method on sharing assemblies?
If user A needs to work on sub-Assy "A" but needs to load sub-Assy 'B"
and user C has sub-assy "B" loaded to make changes to.
What does a users need to load, check out, should they hide/suppress components.

Do you have to check in files to have them correctly replicated?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.