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Question asked by Todd Bohlen on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by Stephen Gioacchini
Ok, so I'm trying to make a tube fitting to add to the library. I tried using an actual imported Swagelok fitting, but kept crashing, so I made my own really generic part. I'm to this point - I extruded basically what looks like a piece of pipe from the midplane. I have sketch points at the origin and at the center of the circles on each face of the pipe-looking thing. I have a route point at the origin (dead center of the pipe).

Now, when I try to add a connection point, I click the normal "add connection point" button and the appropriate dialog box opens. In the drop down it shows "fabricated pipe", so I change this to tube. In the parameters it shows 1.5 inches for the diameter, which is NOT what I want, so I click "Select Tube".

The dialog switches and at the top - the Message - says "Select a vertex or sketch point and a plane or face or the end face of a cylinder to define start point of the route." But this is what it said BEFORE I clicked "select tube" so this is nothing new.

Here's the problem - in the section where it says "Tube" I have three boxes. The first one has a part icon and a path - the problem is that the path is listing an existing route from a different assembly - it is listing an actual route assembly. The second box is a drop down entitled Base Configuration and the third is grayed out but is called Wall Thickness.

I'm assuming that the little browse button (square with three dots) is supposed to let me browse to my excel spreadsheet for my standard tubes. But every time I click that browse button SW crashes to desktop - not immediately - there's about a 5 second pause, then it's gone. If I click the red X it does the same thing. If I click the green check, I go back to the original dialog, but this doesn't help me.

My routing file location is set properly - to my excel spreadsheet location.

How do I create this connection point with the tube that is in my spreadsheet? Why is this thing currently pointing to an existing route assembly? Why does it crash when I try to change it?

Very frustrating...

Thanks for any help you can provide!