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Mating changes in 2017?

Question asked by Michael Bernero on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

In 2017 they seem to have changed how mating works in an assembly and it's messing up my models. Before the parts used to slide along one axis but now they move around in the other axes and moving parts around that don't need to. Anyone know if there is a setting to change it back to how it worked in 2016 and older? Here's a quote I found in the whats new section:


"Better Component Placement While Mating

When adding concentric or coincident mates to components that have all degrees of freedom unconstrained, components are placed in more logical positions on the screen and relative to other components. In previous releases, the coincident or concentric mate was added correctly, but one component was often placed off screen or hidden behind or within other components. Then, to continue your work, you needed to zoom in and out, rotate the view, or hide other components. In SOLIDWORKS 2017, to improve the placement of the components being mated, the mate software takes into account where you click on each of the components to mate. The components are placed so that those clicked regions are near each other. The software also avoids or minimizes interference with other components."