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IGES cylinder load/display issue

Question asked by Jean-Marc Langlois on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hi all,


I'm currently trying to figure out a problem we've been seeing from time to time when loading the IGES representation of a cylinder into SolidWorks...


What I'm seeing is this:

For 2 very similar IGES cylinder files, one loads correctly in SW as a cylinder solid while the other loads as 2 individual circular surfaces which are the base and top of the cylinder... (see attached image)


Looking at the .rpt (see attached .rpt files) file generated after importing the 2 IGES files, the entity summary is identical, but the result summary of the first IGES file import indicates that 1 surface feature was created (i.e. the whole cylinder - which is ok), while the other mentions that 2 surface features were created (the top and bottom faces of the cylinder - not what is expected).


As I mentioned, the cylinders are very similar (same origin, same radius, same height, etc.), the only difference between them is their "local" coordinate system definition, which are very slightly different...


Other similar software do load the IGES files correctly, so I'm ruling out the possibility that an invalid IGES file is at the root of the problem.


This is an issue we've been trying to track down for some time now, so any hint on what the problem is would be greatly appreciated.


I'm using SolidWorks 2015 x64 SP 3.0, but I also reproduced in SW 2016/2017




Jean-Marc Langlois