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What type of simulation study do I have to run?

Question asked by Nexaen Nexaen on Dec 14, 2016


I am new to Solidworks and I want to : a simulation to study displacement of my object on ground with 0.9 friction between two surfaces (base of object and ground) by applying 90N forcce on object. Force is applied only once in one direction.


I also want to:

2.know if force makes the object fall on ground.


So, could you please help me what type of simulation I have to go with for these two simulation studies?


P.S1. My object is like a tall triangle and is a part (not assembly) and its material is steel, but I have put a 5mm layer of rubber to make 0.9 friction beneath its base. So if it's possible I want to apply two different materials for test.

P.S2. I searched on Youtube already, and found a lot of different videos but they are not what I want. I have tried Static simulation already via this link, but in this study I had to limit displacement in "Fixture > Roller/Slider" options, which is not suitable for my case. Moreover, this study doesn't tell me if the object falls on one side on the ground or not. Also, I don't know if force is applied continuously or only once in this study.


Thanks for your replies,