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Wires route with very short wire lengths ("stub" wires)

Question asked by Tommy Stypula on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by Logan Pegler

When I route wires in SolidWorks Electrical most of the wires route just fine but almost all of the wires that route to and from any instance of one certain component (in this case, my terminal block part) are very short, and they do not connect all the way to the other CPoint (on the other component in the circuit) on their route path.  The wire terminates just a short distance from where it starts.  Interestingly, the component on the other end of the circuit has a short wire as well - like the two short wires are supposed to be connected but the wire is void in its middle stretch.


Why would these wires stop and not route to the other component that they are supposed to attach to?


See the attached image for reference - the short white lines.