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    Some opinions and questions about visualize.

    Max Balmenti

      Hello everyone. ( sorry for my bad english)


      I've tested in deeply Visualize ( 2017 version)  in a host friend architectural study, in past I've used Bunkspeed, and this is my opinion.


      1) The software is very good, ( thanks from iray gpu render engine based ) but for me, there are some features that must improves and some issues


      2) Why isn't possible duplicate a part of a model?


      3) Why, and that's happen very often, the file become a corrupt file after saved, and it's not open more? Often..too often it's happen, especially when erase a decal or duplicate a decal or in some other occasions, and this is vey a big problem because many hours of work was lost!


      4) MDL material, build with Substance designer, are compatibles with visualize?


      5) In some cases, it's not possiblle open a old files ( Visualize 2017 not open files generated with 2016 versions)


      6) Why in the material editor ( instance editor) there are only 4 channel ( Not specular or other channels )


      6) What is the cost about a licence, but for only visualize, not a entire Solidworks suite?


      Thanks in advance for answers.

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Max,


          Thanks for giving us this feedback. We've added your items to the list and will be prioritized accordingly. Of course the more times people request the same new feature, the higher it moves up on the list.


          If you have reproducible Visualize projects you can share with us for #3 & #5 above, please send them to your Reseller. They know the proper channels to report the issue in order for the Visualize R&D team to receive the files.


          We just released many new features in Visualize 2017, and our R&D team have been working around the clock...we have some awesome new surprises for Visualize 2018 (launching in October).


          Contact your Reseller about Visualize pricing. If you purchased Bunkspeed in the past, you might be eligible for a discount.


          Best regards,

          Brian HILLNER

          Product Manager | SOLIDWORKS Visualize