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    Resetting the orientation/views of my model after moving it about?

    Kirsty Cooper

      Okay, I realise the title of my query might have people going like "what" as this has been answered before - but I like working on my model when it's perfectly orientated. But once I've needed to do something which involves moving my model manually with my mouse, I can't seem to get my model back to it's "perfectly orientated" view no matter how much I try.
      Resetting the views on the menu with the different views doesn't seem to actually do what I expected it to?


      This is really bugging me, so anyone that knows what I mean and can offer a solution I thank you!

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Kristy,

          Are you working in an assembly? If so, you need to make sure you have at least one component fixed or mated relative to the global workspace of the assembly. Otherwise, when you drag components using the left mouse button or rotate them using with right mouse button, they will just float around in the workspace. That is why we make the first component in the assembly fixed by default. You can tell if your model is not aligned to global workspace by looking at the model relative to the triad in the bottom left corner. If your triad is properly aligned as you would expect when you look at the standard front, top, etc. views, then the view alignment is right, but your model is not aligned in the workspace.


          The easiest way to fix this is to mate the origin of one of the parts to the origin of the assembly using the align axes option. Once the model is aligned, you can either leave that mate or delete the mate and fix the component and then the model shouldn't move around in space when you drag it.


          If this is what has happened, you should make sure you understand the difference between changing the view orientation at which you are looking at your model vs. actually moving the model around in the workspace as you'll continue to run into issues if you don't understand the differences. Dragging components with the left or right mouse button moves/rotates them in the workspace. You use the middle mouse button to manipulate the view:

          • middle mouse drag to rotate freely
          • Alt + middle mouse drag to rotate about screen cente
          • Ctrl+ middle mouse drag to pan
          • Shift+ middle mouse drag to zoom (or more commonly, just scroll the mouse wheel in or out).


          I hope this helps but if not, perhaps post a screenshot of the entire SW window so we can see what kind of model it is, where it is relative to the triad, etc.




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            Kirsty Cooper

            Ah! Thank you both!


            That was driving me nuts, I appreciate the replies I can now see what I'm doing haha.

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              Glenn Schroeder

              Hello Kirsty,


              Welcome to the forum.  As Jim mentioned, the first component inserted into an Assembly is fixed by default, but I thought you might like to know that when placing that first component there's a way to have it fixed with its primary planes aligned with those of the Assembly instead of randomly placed.  See the second part of #10 at Frequently Asked Forum Questions for more information if you're interested.