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Curve Driven Pattern Down a Square Profile: Angular and Spacing Issues

Question asked by Skyler Olsen on Dec 12, 2016

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked before, a few minutes of searching didn't yield anything pertinent.


I am attempting to use the curve driven pattern with a helix to define 4 features spaced a set distance apart and 90° from each other.  I can get the pattern to build without issue.  What is troubling is that the features are not perpendicular (0.00068664° from 90°).  The spacing from instance to instance is just minutely off as well (.000019in).  I believe the helix to be defined correctly but it certainly seems like something is awry.  I have included a part that demonstrate my issues below.  Any help is appreciated.


EDIT: I noticed that of the three patterned features the last feature at the end of the helix had the correct offset and was perpendicular.   I can make this work for now and only requires me to change the helix to "0.25" revolutions for one curve pattern, "0.5" revolutions for another and finally "0.75" revolutions.  It will require two more helix features/curve patterns than I would like but I'll live.  I have attached a model for anyone else curious.