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Reference Parenthesis and Dual-Dimension Brackets

Question asked by Andrew Wright on Dec 13, 2016

For a number of reasons, I would like to be able to control or "customize" the appearance of both the reference dimension parenthesis and the dual-dimensioning brackets - or at least duplicate their exact appearance within annotations.


Note:  I did my due diligence and ran a thorough search on this topic.  There were a few entries that touched on a similar request, but none quite the same.


Cases in point - per my attached screen grab:


Example # 1.  I don't always like the reference parenthesis enclosing an entire dimension.  In some cases, I would like to be able to control just how much of the dimension it encloses.  Typically, I would prefer it just enclose the primary dimension, and that's it.


Example # 2.  I would like to able to manually enter a dual-dimension in brackets with the same bracket 'font' as when it is automatic, as it is in the dual-dimension in example # 3.  As you can see in example # 2, the manually entered dual-dimension brackets are a shorter and heavier 'font'.


Example # 3.  I would like to able to manually enter reference parenthesis with the same parenthesis 'font' as when it is automatic, as in example # 4.  As you can see in the "(REF)" text in example # 3, the manually entered parenthesis are also a shorter and heavier 'font'.


There are a number of answers and explanations for why a person might want this flexibility in their drawings, be it personal preference, company standards, etc., so this isn't a drafting, ANSI or ISO question, it's just a software question.  I do have a case started with tech support at my VAR, but wanted to appeal to the users, too.