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Anyone mix Service Packs 0 and 1.0 with PDM Pro 2017 Yet?

Question asked by Michael Marshall on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Martin Solem

I know it's a long shot, with PDM Pro 2017 SP1.0 just being released last week, but I'll throw this out there anyway...


Any have a PDM Pro 2017 SP0 installation that they've upgraded to SP1.0, but now have a mix of SP0 and SP1.0 clients/users out there?


In years past we'd wait until SP2.0 or SP3.0 for all the usual reasons, but always felt bound by whatever SP we installed, because it's so painful to have 300+ users (some *very* remote) have to upgrade their client just because we wanted to upgrade the SP on the server to address some bugs.


Now with 2017, it is advertised you and mix client SPs as long as you're still in the same major version (2017). Would like to test, but it looks like it'll be another month before I can even entertain doing this with our test servers. Was curious if anyone else has already been through this, whether in production or in test/dev, and what was your experience?