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How to simulate a joint-ball connection, knowing that the joint has a magnet in it?

Question asked by El Asmai Salma on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Jim Riddell

I have a ball which has 3 spherical connections with 3 other solids : 2 connections with 2 solids that has magnets, on the right and the left of the ball and a 3rd connection with a solid that the ball lays on.


I tried to simulate it by:

1- Creating my ball and definig the zones of contact with the other 3 solids (spherical zones of course).

2- Defining an effrot on the zones of contact with the 2 connections (on the left and the right of the ball) that has magnets.

3- Defining a displacement by selecting the "on spherical faces" that is proposed by SolidWorks, and then it's here that I have a problem, because SolidWorks recquires that I block the rotation of the sphere in at least one direction, but in my case the sphere can rotate in the 3 directions freely. it's just a sphere with 3 spherical conncetions.


Thank you for answering, any help is much appreciated.