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Difficulty with cutting trough a surface and/or splines after autotrace

Question asked by Laurent Martin on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by Laurent Martin


First of all, I have to let you know I am a newby with Solidworks, but I really enjoy using this soft, hence quite happy to learn.

I am trying to model a kite board from a picture I took from Internet. here below:



0./ I imported the pictures as sketch and I used the Autotrace first to get back the shape of top view and side view. I had problem as it create two splines which are making a spline not considered as closed by solidworks.


Then next, I see two possibilities:

1./ I success to define two splines (one for each dimension) and I join them together ? How would you do it ?

2./ By simplifying the design I could create a surface which take back the upper shape (profil) of the board and I could try to cut trough this surface using the other view of the board. Dimension will not be perfect as the shape of the top will not respect the profil properly. I have tried to do this in the file in attachment but still I don't success to cut rough the surface


How would you suggest to process ?


Thanks in advance for your help.