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2017 Mirror Drawing - How to assign unique Dwg No?

Question asked by Grant Kirkland on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Josh Armstrong

I have a sheet metal part which has a left and right hand. I've modeled the left hand version and named the file "A-100", and created a right hand version using the "mirror component" tool as a derived configuration named "A-100-M".


Say I insert the left hand into a drawing and add dimensions, the title block shows DWG. NO. A-100

I would usually copy+paste this drawing into a new sheet, change the parent view to "A-100-M", change the title block DWG. NO. link from "File Name" to "Configuration Name" so it shows "A-100-M", and then move all of the dimensions around.


On the other hand, I can make the left hand drawing, copy+paste it into a new sheet, select the parent view and check "Mirror view -> Horizontal" and all the dimensions adjust with respect to the mirror part. However, how do I link the title box DWG. NO. to be "A-100-M"?


How can I make two drawings, one for each hand, with their respective names using the new 2017 mirror drawing function?


I hope that explanation makes sense.