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Ammonia flow in a vertical pipe

Question asked by Mostafa Hammad on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Seckin Uslu

I am new in solidworks flow simulation but I am using solidworks 10 years ago , today I have a problem that I want to simulate the flow of Ammonia real gas through a vertical pipe line with 40 meters height, I want to have the pressure to be 2 bars at the outlet and the Ammonia has a pressure of 5 bar at the inlet with 25 deg.centigra temp.

Here is the boundary conditions : at the inlet I made 5 bar total pressure with 25 deg

at the outlet I made an environment pressure 1 bar

I made a global goal with max temp

and surface goal with max pressure at the outlet

the pipe diam. is half inch

Am I right for these boundary condition or not

The Ammonia is coming from a tank and the Ammonia cracker furnace is above

please help