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Error message: "Manufacturer part inserted twice" - for non-electrical components?

Question asked by Tommy Stypula on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Tommy Stypula

I am having issues when routing wires in SolidWorks Electrical.  I get the error that says "Manufacturer part inserted twice."  I understand how this error works - that it looks for the correlating component number in linked components, as well as the designator and checks for duplicates.  What is strange is that the only components that it shows in the list are non-electrical components that have no electrical intelligence and are not even in the 2D schematic (ie. nuts and bolts).


I have navigated to the components in the list and none of them appear to have any link to the 2D schematic (by accident, or otherwise) so I am stumped.  This appears to be holding up the routing of the wires, as it only routes about 25% of the wires and then stops.


Has anyone had this issue or do you have any suggestions on how to work around this or resolve the issue?  Perhaps there is a way to make it route the wires even though there is an error?  I have discussed this with my reseller tech support and they don't seem to understand why this would happen.  They are looking into it but I haven't gotten any help yet.