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    Hole Callout Dimension Manual Edit Issue / Problem

    Jason B.

      I am currently using SW 2016 x64 SP2.0.  I sometimes find it necessary to alter a hole callout dimension when dealing with complex hole geometries.  Normally this is fine.  The dialogue comes up with the message...


      "Manually altering a portion of the callout text may break that portion's link with the model. Do you want to continue?".  I click yes, and check the box that tells the dialog not to bother me any longer.


      This checkbox used to only apply to the current session, but is now a persistent setting.  I could alter hole callout dimension text with no confirmation dialog, and in this respect Solidworks has been content.  However, about two weeks ago I noticed that I can no longer manually change hole callout dimension text.  It would simply revert back to the original value.  I went into [System Options]->[Messages/Errors/Warnings]->[Dismissed messages] and checked to re-enable this dialog.  Now when I go to change the callout text, the dialog pops up, I click yes, and the text in the [Dimension Text] field appears to change.  Unfortunately, this dialog continues to pop up for every character I type no matter which option I select, and still will not change the value of the balloon in the drawing when I am finished. Is this a  bug?  Should I report it?  Will anyone listen?  Do I need to reinitialize / re-instal Solidworks?  What is the meaning of any of this?  Just kidding.  Really I just want to know if anyone else has seen this behavior, and if so, what is the fix?


      Thank you in advance for your time,



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          Aaron Hayden

          I am running 2016 Pro SP5 and just experienced the exact same issue. I am able to edit most hole callouts, however, I have found one pesky callout that does exactly as you have described. I have also tried re-enabling the dialog with the same results as you.

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            Solid Air

            My first suggestion would be to run the copy settings wizard to save your current settings then go into the system settings and re-enable all your dismissed messages.


            My second suggestion involves re-setting your SolidWorks to the default settings but try my first suggestion first.

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              Conor Haley

              Hey All, I am running Solidworks 2017 and have this same issue. Anyone figured out how to solve it? I tried re-enabling my dismissed settings and it was a no-go.


              Thanks in advance!


              - Conor

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                  Solid Air

                  There are a couple things you can try.


                  Since my original post over a year ago, I have found that (with SolidWorks closed) deleting all the files and folders found in the "SolidWorks temporary directories" folder will sometimes "fix" some issues.  You can find where this folder is by starting SolidWorks Rx then click on the System Maintenance tab.



                  If that does not work then the SolidWorks registry may be corrupt.  To check that first run the Copy Settings Wizard to save your settings.  Then  (with SolidWorks closed) start regedit and browse out to  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks.  Rename SOLIDWORK 2017 to something like xSOLIDWORKS 2017x.  Start SolidWorks and see if checking the Don't show again continues to give you problems.  If the issue seems to be gone then run the Copy Setting Wizard again and restore your saved settings. Make sure restore system options is unchecked.



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                  Erik Bilello

                  One of my pet peeves in SW! I don't encounter it quite often enough to sort out whether it's a bug that needs fixing, or an enhancement I need to request, but I wish someone would. The only thing I can suggest at the moment is to type everything you want to insert in a separate note somewhere (doesn't have to be in SW) and copy it, then you should be able to paste it into the hole callout in one shot without having to click "yes" for every character.