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Dedicated graphics problem (geforce 940MX)

Question asked by Hidrik Landlust on Dec 10, 2016
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I have the following situation:

I need to have a laptop at school to use Solidworks. My old laptop broke down and i bought a new one with the following specs:


8GB ddr4 ram

NVidia geforce 940MX

Intel graphics 520


I installed Solidworks 2016 and i couldnt do anything because it was really, REALLY, slow. I couldn't even sketch.

After this i checked my settings, and the NVidia settings were correct. Solidworks is using the powerfull NVidia GPU and it is set on high performance. Right after this i made Solidworks use my intel graphics 520 (the LESS powerfull) GPU. When i opened Solidworks it worked like a charm.


I find it strange that Solidworks doesn't work well with my NVidia GPU, but does with the intel graphics.

I would like to use my more powerfull NVidia GPU instead of my Intel graphics.


My question:


How could i "fix" the NVidia GPU so i can use my laptop using solidworks at his full potential?


With best regards,


Hidrik Landlust

Windesheim Zwolle