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    Thermal analysis study

    Y. J.


      I am trying to study the thermal effects of a certain heat source on the walls of a rig. I want to know how to account for convection through air as the results I expected and the results I got were very different. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong please?

      The block in the middle is the heat source.

      Loads and other conditions:


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          Jindrich Novak

          Hi Y.J., the images are too small to see any of your defined boundary conditions. I am also not certain what it is that you are trying to determine specifically, are you wanting to determine the inside temperatures of the walls? Is there anything on the top, or it is open?

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            Bill McEachern

            You have three options:

            1. You can stick in something that will mimic the heat transfer you want through air via conduction: So fill the void with some material apply a conduction coefficient to it till you get what you are after, assuming you know or have some idea of what to expect..
            2. You do a hand calc and try to figure out what the steady state temperature of the air inside will be and then use a convection coefficient on three sets of surface to get the heat from the hot thing in the middle to the inside of the box and then from the outside of the box to ambient. A convection coefficient of somewhere in the hood of 5-7 W/sq m K.
            3. Do the solve directly in flow simulation