Jody Stiles

Errors on Selected Washer drag & drop

Discussion created by Jody Stiles on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2009 by Valerie Williams
I'm getting errors on each of my custom d-base Selected Washers (Narrow and Wide). I've added materials to the toolbox configuration Properties tab for these (and many other pieces) but when I try to drag from the toolbox I get a pop-up with the following error:

" Error: No values were found for 'Material'" with an OK button

I click the OK button and then get another poop-up with the following error:

" Empty values not allowed for property "Configuration Name"" with an OK button

I assume the first error is driving the second error since the materials have a suffix that is used when creating the configuration name and since toolbox can't find any material for the washer it can't complete the configuration name so it errors out.

It appears to only be these two washers, all other washers and random hardware seem to be working fine.

The part will drop into my assembly but the materials field is blank (no choices) and the configuration name filed is also blank.

Anyone have a clue on this one?