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linking feature tree item to custum properties?

Question asked by James Kashuba on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by Elmar Klammer

Hey Folks,

Perhaps an odd request, but it there a way to link a tree feature, in a part, to the custom properties so that is can be called out on a drawing in a parts list (BOM)? I'm looking for it to function like that of an assembly with a BOM on the drawing calling out all the parts. Our company wants to track its raw material usage by placing the raw stock part into a part file and then have it called out on the drawing. So it is a part in a part with a one item BOM. I disagree with that idea, but it is what they want.


I am open to other ideas on how to do this, but what I was thinking is some how have some script in the custom properties that would capture a part file in the feature tree of the part and call it up in the evaluated value. Then I could pull that into a BOM or table on the drawing.


Hope that's descriptive  enough,