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Parametric studies results for a propeller

Question asked by Txon Aguirre on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Txon Aguirre

Im working with a CPP(Controllable Pitch Propeller) using a parametric study, where for each pitch, RPM changes along a given range.

No problem at this stage. But ...

For some values(pitch and RPM combinations), very odd results are obtained. Hence I built a single project for those strange values and ..... Here is where my doubts arised.


The parametric study gives only "averaged values" for Thrust and Torque of the prop, while the single simulation returns "Value" and "Averaged Value". What is the good solution ?  How to get "values" in the parametric study ?  Diference between "averaged" and "value" are quite big.

As I think that "averaged value" is related to "all" values obtained in all the iterations, and "value" is the final "best fit", obviously the later is the correct solution. If parametric studies are unable to return "VALUES" I don't get what are they useful for.


Thanks in advance