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Mechanical vs. Electrical Drawings

Question asked by Stephen Bittner on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2008 by Ryan Grandidge
We are primarily an electrical controls and design company. Of course, we need to house/populate those controls into mechanical enclosures. These mechanical enclosures and brackets are sent out to an outside source for manufacture and mechanical assembly, then returned for our people to complete the electrical and final mechanical assembly. By electrical, I mean things like transformers, filters, fans, feedthrus, etc.....not wiring harnesses or detailed circuitry.

My question revolves around drawings. How can I present the correct information to the correct people? Mechanical stuff to the sheet metal shops, and the electrical stuff to our shop. We don't want to put out our entire electrical design on the manufacturiing drawings we send to the outside metal shops.

My confusion lies in the fact that the model contains EVERYTHING mechanical and electrical. Sure, I can exclude the electrical stuff from the mechanical drawing BOM. But, how do I include the electrical stuff (on a separate "electrical" drawing) for our own shops use? If I undo the "Exclude from BOM", won't the mechanical drawing be adversely affected?

Is this a function of configurations? Or, can it be solved with a display state?