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Help setting default line types and fonts in Composer

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Dirk Rautenberg

I've been using SolidWorks since 2000. First time Composer user. My SW rep hasn't been able to get answers for me.

I'm having trouble finding a good guide to setting up Composer to use specific line types as a default. (Trying to match ANSI drawing standards)

I'm forced to update each line or group of lines in each view independently. This is tedious when I have 20 views, and slows me down to update as I go.

I'm specifically referring to Path lines. As well as other default settings.

Path Line Properties I'm trying to change:

  • Disable "Stay on top"
  • Front Line / Symbol Size (2) & Space between symbols (.25) & Extremity / Size (.5)
    • The first two do not appear to be editable, unless "Type" is changed to "Advanced", a dash is selected in "Symbol#1" and then "Symbol size" appears in properties. "Advanced" does not allow long dash, short dash. Instead, advanced only allows short dash. I wanted to keep long dash, short dash like the default, but am forced to sacrifice this if I want to change the size.

I've noticed that if I change the "document properties/ paper size", it changes the path line size in relation to the part. Seams like a poor way to control the line size, though I'm imagining it's similar to changing a Drawing Sheet size in Solidworks, where the font is set to a specific size. The same part filling the page of a different sheet size, would appear to shrink the line widths and fonts.

I've gone through Properties, and Document Properties as well as Preferences, and can't figure out how to set these defaults. I've also tried to "Set as Neutral Properties" for the first line a update, but this does not change the defaults for future line additions.


Other factors:

I'm exporting high resolution images to alpha channel *.png (background removed) @ w3.82" x h2.68" (w97.28mm x h68.07mm) to import into Microsoft Word for use in a work instruction. In order to maintain a working aspect ratio on my paper size, I've set the paper size to w195.51 x h279.4 Landscape (7.69in x 11in).

The Size options under paper size, don't appear to change the Symbol Size, but do change the Extremity size (per "Point Size")


On another note, what format should I be working in. I've seen instruction videos stating to save in .smg. Though in the help files, .smgxml seams to hold more data.

(The help file must be opened in iexplorer. There are issues in Chome.)

Does the format I'm saving in have any bearing on the properties i'm trying to save? (seams like a very silly question, but i'm not ruling anything out yet)