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    SolidWorks Visualize Driver version Issue

    Scott Ellery

      So I upgraded to SP1.0 today and received a nice warning that I needed to updated my graphics driver to a certain version and have a certain CUDA version as well.


      This would not be a problem if I did not also run SOLIDWORKS which suggests to run on only approved graphics drivers which at this time is below the requirement so I have lost my GPU rendering capabilities. I could upgrade my driver to the required version but then I am running an untested graphics driver with SOLIDWORKS.


      are there certain new features that require this driver update for GPU rendering? I understand that Visualize is a Stand Alone application but many users have both installed on their workstation and I can see this being an issue as if you update the drivers for Visualize and start getting glitches in SOLIDWORKS and phone in for support they will tell you to downgrade your graphics driver.


      I guess what I am really getting at is, can we get around this if we are also SOLIDWORKS users?

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          Ron Bates

          Hi Scott,


          This was a subtle timing hiccup on our part.  The big thing with Visualize sp01 was addition of nVidia Pascal card support.  Hence the need to update drivers in Visualize.  The SOLIDWORKS validation of nVidia driver 375.63 is under way...and in fact is already posted (as of this afternoon) for many vendors for desktop (BOXX, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, and Lenovo) as well as basic card (any vendor).  Laptops are running through tests and should have results posted soon.


          So, any confusion over this mixed messaging on drivers, should clear itself up entirely in the next few days.

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            Alex Doran

            For what it's worth i'm using a Quadro card and am having no problem with Solidworks after updating to the recommended Driver.



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              Bill Toft

              Yesterday, when I upgraded to 2017 SP1, I got a message from Visualize that my driver (354.56) was out of date and I needed 369.26.

              Because I have a HP ZBook 17 G2 laptop with K3100M installed (Win 7), I used the HP update site to go to their latest approved driver 373.06.

              Then (without rebooting) when I started Visualize, I got a screen saying: "Problem ejecting NVIDIA Quadro K3100M. K3100M is not removable and cannot be ejected". (But I knew that already!) Problem was my PC was frozen & I had to do a power off reset.

              I rebooted & tried again. Visualize opened but told me it lost my preferences & I had to re-select my projects folder.


              Then today, when I started Visualize I got that same Ejecting error/frozen system.

              After doing some web searching, I used the NVIDIA control panel to add Visualize as a program & tell it to use the K3100M. That seems to work.


              Any other suggestions?

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                Ron Bates

                Hi Alan,


                The issue is driver related.  So it happens in all releases of Vis... even older ones.  Reverting to sp0 won't help.  We do have a workaround/fix that will be in sp02.


                I'm not sure what "turning off switchable graphics" means.  At the end of the day, the issue occurs as a result of trying to allow the system to make a decision over which graphics to use... essentially due to Optimus.  By changing the preferred graphics processor from Auto-Select to High-performance NVIDIA processor, you are essentially disabling Optimus and the crash goes away.

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                  Adam Green

                  Hi Folks,


                  I am running a Dell Precision 7710 with a NVIDIA Quadro M5000M. I have just updated the driver to, which cleared the start up message described by Scott initially. I then get to loading up the sample file (Camero) which loads the whole programme, runs 100 passes on something (not sure what) with the viewport being totally black. There is no option to select or manipulate anything. When you click the viewport, the whole programme crashes "oops... something went wrong" and it chucks me out.


                  Any advice? Had some issues with scaling in Solidworks as I have a 4K screen but everything always worked fine.