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    Wood grain colors

    Kim Dang

      Hi all,

      I'm just a newbie here. I make different kinds of cabinets with shaker doors/drawer fronts.  The problem is vertical and  horizontal wood grain. I can manually put the size of the grain that I want but it's gonna take very long time.  I also try to create 2 p2m files with 2 different grains, hoping that I can drop and drag the color into the right surface. However, when I take the color, the grain reduces the size automatically. I have no idea. How can I change the color of wood fast and easily? Let say, with 1 cabinet, I have to make 10 jpg.files with 10 different colors. I have plenty of cabinets which need changing colors. So, Plz help me if you know the good way for that.

      Looking to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

      P.S: I would appreciate that you can e-mail me at kim@martdesign.

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          John Stoltzfus

          I design furniture everyday, however most of my assemblies are a solid color, however I have done a lot of wood grain finishes if they want to see it here or the end customer wants to see a rendering as well. 


          There isn't a quick easy fix when it comes to applying wood grains to an assembly.  What I found works best, (providing you want to create an awesome render), is apply the wood grain at the part level not the assembly level, you would think it would be quickest to open an assembly and take the wood grain and drape it over everything, doing that creates an issue with mapping, it is much much harder to create a nice unit all the way around doing it that way.  Again start at the part level and adjust the wood grain to size from there, you'll have a much better looking pc, takes more time, but nicer.. 


          Here is a view of the Wood Grain Appearance window - Circled on the left is the settings that I use with the part in an ISO view, then you can pivot and stretch or shrink the box accordingly.  You can also change or add color to make the pc lighter or darker if you want...... Again for best results start at the part level, and if you have the same part in different colors or woods, then create display states.  One thing to keep in mind when applying these appearances they do show up differently in a rendering, so what you see in the SW screen will be different when rendered.. - Have fun