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    Export Simulation Sensor Data

    Bjorn Sorenson

      Is there an easy way to export a lot of sensor values to text, csv, or similar?  I've run a simulation where I would like to get X displacement, Y displacement, and Z displacement at about 35 different points in the model.  I've set up sensors to monitor each and would like to export the data to speed up analysis.  Does SW have something built in to do this, or is there a workaround?



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          Nandish Datti

          Below steps might help you.

          Approach 1 - When you know the locations (x,y,z coordinates)

          1. Initially you have to save all the required locations into a workflow sensor. Activate required result plot. For example, Displacement in X direction.

          2. Open the 'Probe Result' PropertyManager.

          3. Select all the location and click 'Save as Sensor'. This will save all locations into a workflow sensor.

          4. Now activate 'From sensors' radio button and select the workflow sensor from the drop down.

          5. Click 'Save' to export all the values into a csv or txt file. You can save annotations for sensor location by selecting the check box.

          6. You can probe results at the same locations for other plots (displacement in Y and Z direction) by activating respective result plot and probing results using the sensor defined in earlier steps. Finally you can export these results to csv or txt.


          This approach allows you to export only one type of result entity at a time. Refer below image.



          Approach 2 - When you know the node range or Extreme values

          1. RMB on Results node and select 'List Stress, Displacement,Strain'.

          2. Define 'Extreme Values' or know node 'range'.