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New Tool for Registering/Unregistering Add-in Dll Easily

Question asked by Luke Malpass on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Luke Malpass

I know all the issue so many people have with trying to register an add-in dll, between 32bit/64bit, regasm location, command, running as admin and so on. So, I made a visual tool to do it for you, simply open it, browse to your dll and click Install or Uninstall to register and unregister any SolidWorks Add-in dll.


I've open-sourced the entire code as well, which is well documented if anyone wants it (all my code going forward is 100% open source)


Find the compiled tool here if you just want to run it and try it out Folder Viewer - Fasetto


Find the source code here GitHub - angelsix/solidworks-api: C# SolidWorks API stuff in the Tools folder