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    Report that returns files in specific state and user who put them in that state

    Chris Manger

      I am hoping someone may have created a report like this or something close.  I am looking for a report that returns files in a specific state and the user who transitioned the files into that state.


      1. Prompt for folder to search in

      2. Prompt for State


      Column 1 - State

      Column 2 - User who transitioned file into that state

      Column 3 - Date/Time the file was transitioned to that state

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          Michael Dekoning


          See if this satisfies your requirements. You'll have to copy and paste the code into a .crp file.



          §Name [Documents in selected workflow state and folder]

          §Company [SolidWorks User Community]


          [This query lists all documents in a selected state and folder and the user and date of the transition.]

          §Version [1.1]



          ProjectID StartProjectID [1] [Enter start folder. E.g "$\Top folder", or browse for folder.]

          StatusID CurrentStatusID [1] [Select status]




          Declare @iStartFolder Int

          Declare @StatusID Int


          Set @iStartFolder = {StartProjectID}

          Set @StatusID = {CurrentStatusID}


          SELECT Documents.Filename, Status.Name, MAX(TransitionHistory.Date) AS [Date], Users.FullName

          FROM Documents

          INNER JOIN TransitionHistory ON Documents.DocumentID = TransitionHistory.DocumentID

          INNER JOIN Users ON TransitionHistory.UserID = Users.UserID

          INNER JOIN Status ON Documents.CurrentStatusID = Status.StatusID

          INNER JOIN DocumentsInProjects ON Documents.DocumentID = DocumentsInProjects.DocumentID

          INNER JOIN Projects ON DocumentsInProjects.ProjectID = Projects.ProjectID

          WHERE Projects.ProjectID = @iStartFolder

          AND Status.StatusID = @StatusID

          AND Documents.Deleted = 0

          GROUP BY Documents.Filename, Users.FullName, Status.Name