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Solidworks 2017 Broke my Cable Chain Assemblies

Question asked by Alex Doran on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Alex Doran

Hi all,


I have a 3D Printer assembly, i built it in SW 2016, it has 2 Cable Chain Drags, which are setup as cable chain patterns and should move when i drag the Axis of the printer, it took a while to get them working smoothly but i had it working nicely in 2016, since 2017 rolled out i havn't been able to get them working correctly again. Short of rebuilding the assembly from scratch i am at a bit of a loss as what to try next, i have deleted the Cable Drags and re inserted and mated them, but they simply wont budge when i try to move them. Is there a definitive way to tell if there are any problem mates causing erratic behaviour? SW seems to be locking up and crashing nearly everytime i attempt to remedy this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.