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Installing SW on a drive other than C:

Question asked by Mark Henrichs on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by N. Ritchey

I've had SW installed on the C: drive of my laptop for quite some time, but with MS updates and other software I'm out of room and had to remove SW to get the computer to continue functioning.  (I know, should have had a larger drive in the first place)


Keeping in mind that my SW usage has been pretty dormant for quite some time and I don't have tons of data and custom setting for SW,  I'm intending to wipe all trace of it from my drives and do a new install.  (SW 2016)

I'm going to put it on D: drive and would like to keep it from storing anything on C: if that's possible.  The install wizard lets me choose an install location, but it still seems to default the c: for many file locations such as temp files, backup data, etc.


a) How do I clean my system of all SW?  (except possibly the license key)

b) How do I keep it from using c: drive as much as possible?

c) Any advice on directory structure for my project data, and making sure my custom settings get saved for use with future versions?


I realize this may be kind of basic but I've been away from SW for long enough that it's about like starting over on the learning curve.