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how to simulate a spring with double effect

Question asked by Giuseppe Bianchi on Dec 4, 2016

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to simulate a clock escapment on solidworks 2016. Unfortunately I'm not able to find a solution on my own and I checked in many tutorials the way to resolve it, but with no results.

I hve to set a torsional spring who is without load in N point and turns about 270° in compression in one way and 270° in extension in the other way.

I attach an image to explain. The setting are differents because I have done few trials to reach a results but is not working as in the real world works.


what I want to find with solidworks are:

-the konstant of the spring ( need for dimensioning the spring);

-the frequency of the pulley and relative spring;

-the time for every cicle.


I'm really near to this results in matematichal calculations, but i want to find them in solidworks.

So if I'm following a wrong system to do that can you suggest me a better way to reach the result?


Many thanks,