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Batch printing in order - how to save the order

Question asked by No Body on Dec 5, 2016

I have an assembly containing assemblies containing assemblies, etc.

I want to print all of the drawings in the order of assemblies.

That is, I want to print all of the drawings (and in a specific order) of the first sub-sub-assembly, then the second, etc., so that the pages are ordered intuitively.

I saw that I can do this in the Task Scheduler, however I see no way to actually save tasks.

Let's say I go over the pain of manually selecting the order of all of the drawings, I can now edit the task time whenever needed to actually run it (assuming I didn't miss a simple "Run" button).

However, I want this task to be transferable, whether because a new SolidWorks version is installed, or that the task simply needs to run on a separate computer.


Is there any way to save these tasks, or another way to batch print with a specific order?