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Flex an Assembly

Question asked by Andrew Wajer on Dec 2, 2016

Hey everyone,


Long story short, I'm doing a my senior capstone project and have to attach sensors to a cooling fixture used in injection molding. before we can go about doing this, everything needs to be modeled and presented.


My issue is, I designed the sensor as an assembly and uploaded it into the cooling fixture as a sub-assembly. Now that I have the sensing end where I need it, I was wondering If there is a way to get the entire sensor assembly to flex and act like a wire (like using the flex feature on just a single part)?


It kind of hard for me to describe, but I attached my sensor, along with a image of the one I modeled it after. I'd share the hole cooling fixture assembly, but I don't think I have the rights to do that legally. Thanks for any advice.


Drew W


Sensor being modeled: