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    2016 is suppressing mates randomly

    Jonathan Burt

      The latest thing that 2016 has me pulling my hair out is that I have been having an issue with mates being randomly suppressed. I use configurations alot and I understand a mate can be suppressed or unsuppressed in different configurations but components that don't vary between configurations have started being suppressed by SW seemingly at random. Is this a problem anyone else has had to deal with?


      Unrelated to the topic, but drawings have stopped automatically projecting views as well. I have to place a view then right click to project for every subsequent view. I know there is a setting to automatically project views and I have turned it on.


      Yes I have talked to my VAR but their turnover rate is so high that they can't keep trained techs so my questions often go unanswered.


      I have way more problems with 2016 than I had with 2015. I hope 2017 will be a step in the right direction. SMH