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breaking a motion study into smaller ones?

Question asked by Dale Simms on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

I would like to create a motion study (or multiple ones) that consists of smaller motion studies and connect the videos of each smaller motion study into one long video.  The only thing I want to change from one study to the next is the speed and duration of the motors.


The motion study I'm working with takes about 12 hours to analyze 40 seconds of motion.  But since I need 200 seconds, I would like to break it up or duplicate it or ?? into 5 motion studies and capture the video from each one.


At the end of a motion study, as with mine, the model is changed such as parts being moved to new locations.  So far I've been able to save this "resultant" model to another assembly file.  What I haven't been able to do is save the initial motion study elements (motors, collisions, and springs)  to a motion study in the "resultant" assembly  with their original parameters and connections.


Another way this might be accomplished is to somehow move the "resultant" model (@40 seconds) in the motion study back to 0 seconds, dump the analysis data (currently about 500MB), make changes to the motors, and then analyze the next 40 seconds with all the original motion study elements in tact.


If someone here knows how to accomplish this or can point me to where I can learn how, I would be greatly thankful.