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    Project a point on a bone model surface

    Douglas Saenz

      Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. If you can help me find a solution for my problem I would really appreciate it.

      Basically, I have a model of a bone and I wish to project a point, along certain direction, on the surface of the bone. I have succeeded at doing this by looping through each face of the bone model and using this line of code:


      intersectPt = face.GetProjectedPointOn(Point, Vector)

      Where "intersectPt" is a MathPoint object, "face" is a Face2 object, "Point" is a MathPoint object and "Vector" is a MathVector object.


      My problem is that the bone models I'm going to use this on have dozens or hundreds of faces. Even more, I need to project multiple points in multiple directions, and do it as quickly as possible. Is there a way to achieve the same goal without looping through all the faces of the bone model?

      Here's a example, the bone model of a talus bone. It has a lot of faces!

      My final goal is to get the bone dimensions in several axes. If you have a different idea to achieve that please let me know too.

      Hope you can help me out!