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Keep isolation on after editing a part in an assembly

Question asked by Matthew Hiser on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Kevin Pymm

When editing/modifying a part within my assembly. A lot of times I need to make relations between holes or sketches on mating parts (say a tapped hole in Part A and a clearance hole for the bolt in Part B) but there is a lot of parts in the assembly that get in the way of me clearly seeing the holes I want to work with. I naturally isolate just Part A and Part B, edit Part B, make the clearance hole coincident with the tapped hole in Part A, and then exit out of editing Part B. What happens now is instead of going back to the isolated items, SW rebuilds the entire assembly and take me out of isolate back into the full assembly view with everything shown. This gets frustrating as I have multiple features I need to link together between various parts and I want to be able to keep those parts isolated while I do that. Instead, now I have to select those parts again every time I want to make a change/make another relation between the two.


Is there a setting that would allow parts that are isolated in an assembly to remain isolated even after editing one of the isolated parts? Currently once I am done editing an isolated part it kicks me back into the full assembly as if I exited out of Isolate willingly.