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    view factor resolution level

    Mark Keown

      How is VFRL used?  It goes from 1 to 10 or what?

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Hey Mark:

          As per S-053187:

          Surfaces are divided on clusters for radiation calculation. From each cluster, a number of rays are emitted, equally distributed over the enclosing unit hemisphere. Each ray is traced through the fluid and transparent solid bodies until it intercepts the computational domain’s boundary or a cluster belonging to another radiative surface.

          The View factor resolution level has influence on number of emitted rays which can be changed by the user via the Calculation Control Options dialog box, and improve accuracy of view factor calculation, which surface can "see" another one, for radiation exchange. (see details in TechnicalReference.pdf ([SOLIDWORKS Installation Folder]\SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation\lang\English\Docs\technicalreference.pdf) page 1-22).

          For the Discrete Ordinates method increasing the discretization level allows you to improve the energy distribution in the computational space.


          On another note: it is generally recommended to increase the View factor resolution level for solids with low thermal conductivity.

          Hope it helps.