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    Texture availability for overmold

    Christopher Thompson
      This could either be a surfacing question or a rendering question. However, I am interested in applying this to the real view graphics in the part or assembly mode.

      I am looking for a "hair cell" or "pebble grain" texture to apply to an overmolded part (SW Office Premium 2007). Looking though the available textures, I do not see either one available. Is is buried under another texture category?

      Where would I find these textures? Have more textures been added to SW 2009?
        • Texture availability for overmold
          Kevin Quigley
          It depends if you want to apply this physically, as in actual geometry that can be machined, or just for the purposes of a rendering? If it is physically I wouldn't bother - just add it as a note on your drawings and get the toolmaker to etch the surface with a Mold-Tech texture or similar. If it is for a rendering you could do this in PhotoWorks by applying a bump map to the surfaces affected. Google images is quite a good source for bump maps like this - but use with care!

          Also you could scan the actual texture from the Mold-Tech sample swatch (if you have one) and use this.