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Top Ten Idea Submission and What the Voting Means

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Dec 1, 2016
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After seeing the good discussions here (to list only a few):  Will the Top Ten List be handled differently this year? , , Simplify the Enhancement Request System and Tie it Into the Forums I wanted to summarize how I think the ideas are viewed before and after voting.


The submitted ideas are typically all over the map or chart in this case.  Some ideas are easy to implement, but only have a small benefit to the user while others would be a tremendous benefit, but would be very difficult to implement.  All are looked at by the good folks at SolidWorks, thank you.


So the ideas will fall into four general groups:

1. (Blue zone) Very easy to implement, but small benefit.  SolidWorks might put it on the to-do list, but on the back burner so it might not get done since its benefit is so small.

2. (Green zone) Very easy to implement with a big benefit.  These are probably already on the list at SolidWorks and in-work.

3. (Red zone) Very difficult to implement with a very small benefit.  Don't hold your breath for these as they are likely to just be filed and never worked on.

4. (Yellow zone) The big question zone.  There is both appreciable difficulty and benefit to these ideas so SolidWorks needs us to tell them just how important they are.


But a picture is worth 1k words:


So, what happens with the voting?  Looking only at the yellow zone we might get something along these lines:

Of course the developers at SolidWorks have to apply a subjective assessment of both Ease of Implementation and Benefit, but our votes will determine the size of these data points.  Perhaps that can be interpreted as a third axis, Importance to the Customer.


So what?  What does this all mean?  For me it means I'm not going to worry about voting for anything in the first three categories as their destiny is more or less predetermined.  The good folks at SolidWorks said that all ideas are considered by the development teams so all ideas are by default considered as an informal enhancement request.  Thank you, SolidWorks!!


I have always enjoyed looking at the submitted ideas.  A lot of times they are things that make me go "Yes!  I would like to have that too."  Other times I learn something about the software I didn't know so it is a good education for me.


I hope this gives you some food for thought.  Voting opens in a couple of weeks.