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CAD operator needed in a custom millwork business in Nazareth, PA

Question asked by Zachary Starke on Dec 1, 2016

Job Listing:


Draftsman / CAD / Solidworks User


Company: Starke Millwork Inc.


Experience required: Proficient in SolidWorks with ability to use library features and smart components, basic knowledge of building and construction.


We are a family owned company doing business for over 35 years. We are a custom millwork shop specializing in interior and exterior doors, moulding, windows and wainscoting.


We are seeking a motivated person who can bring experience and know how that will improve the performance of the company. Applicants must be able to work Monday -- Friday from 7:00am -- 3:30pm. Our salary is competitive and we provide healthcare.




* Preparing detailed shop drawings for customers to sign off and to work off of

* Preparing parts list for jobs going into the shop

* Maintaining the moulding profile library for our moulding catalog

* Backing up computers

* Among other duties as they arise


To apply, please send an email which includes:

- Your name and contact information

- A resume or description of your relevant experience

- Your reasons for applying


Thank you,


Starke Millwork Inc.

671 Bangor Rd.

Nazareth, PA 18064