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How to align randomly situated splice automatically?

Question asked by Nikita Bezlepkin on Dec 1, 2016

There is a part of harness created with SolidWorks Routing shown on this picture.

Flattened route is to be formed with assistance of SolidWorks Routing .

The question is - how to control the process of creation flattened route BEFORE getting the configuration? (Not AFTER! With the help of “Edit Flattened Route”)


Route assembly is to be flattened in different conditions , “Splice” is situated randomly beyond the «main line of wire», and correct position of splice (inside main line) can not be got on the first try. Please, could you tell me, how to solve this? How to get my flattened route with splices inside main line of wiring harness automatically? Thank You!Capture.JPG3.JPG