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Way too many items come up in menu when I right-click!

Question asked by Max Crittenden on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Max Crittenden

I'm sketching a spline. I've dimensioned some of the points on the spline with ordinate dimensions, and now I want to dimension more points. It used to be that I could right-click on one of my existing dimensions and I would get the option "Add to ordinate". Now, no matter where I right-click on the screen, I get a menu that apparently runs off the top and bottom of my screen, and I can't scroll up or down to get to the dimensioning items. How did this happen? I NEVER use a right-click to bring up sketch entities or all those other useless menu items. How can I get rid of all this garbage so that I can get to the menu items that I want?


See attachment. This is SW 2014 by the way.