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Recommendations for how to configure 3 SSD's,  for SW2016 PDM on laptop?

Question asked by Steve Won on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Craig Schultz


I work as an freelance contractor and my most recent client is upgrading to SW2016 Pro in order to implement PDM's Vault system, for the first time. 

Before that, we used SW Standard, and Windows Explorer to move files around.

It was only 6-10 designers involved, so small-office situation.


I was using a Dell M6600 with a pair of 512GB SSD's.

If I wanted to take work home on the weekends, I would load up a copy of all the assembly files to the 2nd SSD.

Often, I would make subfolders with older versions of all the files, so that there would be backups of previous iterations.

I'm not sure if PDM-Vault makes that redundant, or otherwise problematic.

Also, the 512GB sizes seemed excessive, but eventually I had so many folders of various backup dates, the 2nd 512GB SSD did get pretty filled up.  Again, I haven't used PDM-Vault yet, but I wonder if that becomes an obsolete situation.


Meanwhile, that M6600's MoBo fried itself dead, kaput,  so I recently acquired an M6700 with it's own 256GB SSD with Win7Pro.

Therefore I have 3 SSD's, and 2 of them having Windows7Pro installed.


I think the M6700 can accomodate all 3 SSD's on board,  and I was thinking of some kind of RAID1 setup for the two 512GB SSD's.


I'll just lay point form the SSD situation:    

#1) 512GB SSD with Win7Pro & SW2016Pro

#2) 512GB SSD with data folders, kind of a "data files sandbox"

#3) 256GB SSD with Win7Pro   (considering installing SW2016Pro here too, using allowance for 2nd copy on my single license)


Note the M6700 has quick-change capability for the primary SSD, so I'm inclined to keep Drive #3 uninstalled, and kept safely stored somewhere else.   It can be hot-swapped into the computer if Drive #1 gets corrupted.   I'd already have Win7 and SW on Drive#3, so could get back to work pretty fast...


Other options might be to make the pair of 512 SSD's into a RAID1 redundant configuration.   Thereby halving their usable capacity, which might be enough, if PDM's Vault helps obsolete my practice of keeping copies of old file versions.


Then Drive#3 either gets put on board, too,  for use as a personal Sandbox, or still kept safely separate for it's Win7 and SW copies....?


Thoughts and recommendations appreciated, thanks.