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Importing sketches into Mastercam

Question asked by Jarrod Cammer on Dec 1, 2016

I often have to convert between SolidWorks and Mastercam.

Recently, I discovered that you can select options in Mastercam before opening a .SLDPRT and there's an option for importing sketches.

I'm currently working on an airfoil made up of cross-sections which are defined by about 50 points each.

When I use the import sketches option, the splines come into Mastercam nicely in their proper positions on the airfoil.

The points, however, get stacked onto the same plane and shifted to the origin.


It's not too hard to translate the points to their correct positions, but it is time consuming.

I made the airfoil in a separate part so that typing in points positions would be easier, and I could rotate the airfoil into position later.


Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get all sketch geometry to import correctly?


-I'm using SW 2016 SP 3.0, Mastercam 2017.

-The spline and points for each cross-section are in the same sketch.

-I used "Insert Part" to bring the airfoil into the part and then had to rotate it 39 degrees to match up with the rest of the model.

(Sorry if this is more of a Mastercam question.)