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Entering Dimensional Values in the format of Feet/Inches Instead of Inches

Question asked by Michael McFarland on Nov 30, 2016
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I hope this is not a dumb question (I've tried everything except the right thing ~ apparently). While searching forums I've come across several questions/answers regarding the "display" of dimensions in the format XX'-X x/x", but nothing (so far) about the "input" or "entering" of dimensional values in that format. Half, if not most of the time I'm required to enter relatively large values while in Sketch/Dimension mode: 37'-6 3/8" for instance. While the math is not difficult (got my large-button calc' right next to me), it is time consuming compared to the ability to enter the value of 37'-6 3/8" as opposed to 450.375, not to mention the increased possibility of errors. If I remember correctly, AutoCAD used the ":" to separate/define Feet:Inches. Is there a similar trick within SolidWorks? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! -Mike